Handy Specials

Not Every Task Needs a Team


Embark on a groundbreaking service with HandySpecials, where you not only get a professional to guide you but also to fix the work—before the need for a larger team arises. It’s the first-ever service of its kind, offering unparalleled guidance and hands-on expertise

Know in Advance

Have an expert opinion on whether you need a team or just a single professional.

Match with Best with HandyBanjo

Don’t let anyone fool you. Have an Expert give you an Expert!

Vetted Service Providers

Each professional undergoes a screening process to ensure their expertise, reliability, and dedication align with our standards.

Crafting Excellence

Quality under Best Prices. Enjoy the peace of mind that your choices will be celebrated by friends and family,


Have a look!


If you can provide the primer and paint itself, book a HandyPainter and we’ll take care of the LABOR ONLY in a flash!


If you can provide the tools, equipment, or moving trucks necessary, book a HandyMover and we’ll take care of the LABOR ONLY in a flash!


Let your regular house cleaning tasks done at a set hourly rate. Not everyone needs whole housekeeping services; sometimes all that’s needed is a one-off, one-person cleaning blitz to maintain.

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Check why Handy Banjo is a go-to platform that you need.

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