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You can easily book a service by either calling directly for or filling the forms on our website to connect directly with our network of vetted service providers.

Are your service providers experienced?

Yes, Handy Banjo’s approved service providers are skilled and experienced professionals. We also offer tier 1 helpers with little or not experience for various tasks, ensuring a wide range of expertise to meet your needs and budgets.

Can I schedule services with short notice?

Absolutely! With our Concierge it is possible. Handy Banjo understands the importance of urgent needs. With our service, you can receive less than 1-hour notice for swift responses to your requests.

How do I receive updates on my service progress?

With our partners, we make sure that you receive constant email and 1 on 1 updates about your project.

How does Handy Banjo ensure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We facilitate crystal clear expectations, provide a dedicated representative for communication, and offer a range of service experts to fulfill your needs. Join our community and experience satisfaction with Handy Banjo!

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